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  1. Speed Listing Products
  2. Bulk Product Uploading & Listing
  3. Is a Barcode Scanner Necessary?
  4. Listing and Automatic Research Options
  5. Difference Between FNSKU Labels and SKU
  6. Adding Scouts to Your Custom SKU
  7. Submit Feed Process: building shipments on Seller Central
  8. Completing a Batch with Multiple Shipping Locations
  9. How to List and Pack Items as a Set
  10. Why Does the Mentioned Estimated Weight Seem Inaccurate?
  11. Listing Books Without ISBN Numbers
  12. Adding Missing Dimensions in Seller Central
  13. Listing a Product Directly in Seller Central
  14. Listing Replenishable Inventory
  15. Product Research
  16. Exporting Restricted or Gated Product Lists
  17. Interpreting Pricing Data
  18. Adding a Custom Research Button
  19. What Products Can be Listed on AccelerList?
  20. Do I Need an Amazon Professional Seller Account to Use AccelerList?
  21. Why isn't there a Visible Scrollbar Inside the App?
  22. Can Two Sellers List Inside AccelerList at the Same Time?
  23. Checking Your Feed Status on Completed Batches
  24. Checking for Restrictions
  25. Can I Change My SHIP FROM Address After I Completed a Batch
  26. Completing a Shipment in Seller Central After Submitting Your Batch
  27. Listing with Default or No Default Conditions
  28. Finding Products in a Batch
  29. Selecting a Default Condition
  30. Using Custom SKU Blocks or Tags
  31. Selecting Used Buy Box or New Buy Box Offers as Pricing Strategy
  32. How to Export Batch Data
  33. Submit Feed Process (Building Shipments on Seller Central)
  34. How to Return to a Batch from the Shipment Page
  35. How to Export an Inventory Loader File (ILF)
  36. Private Batch
  37. Expiration Dates
  38. Choose Your Workflow Type
  39. Duplicate ASINs in Batch
  40. Auto Expand to See SKU Detail
  41. Batch Analytics
  42. Expiration Date Product FAQ

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Product Research

AccelerList gives you an excellent way to research products whether your researching on the fly or sitting down for a longer research session.

To get started simply hand type a product description or scan in a UPC or ASIN into the search field and wait for Amazon to return the product or a list of products that match your search request.

After selecting the product you would like to research you will be able to see various data points about the ASIN on this page.

Here is a summary of some of the more important metrics you may deem important in your research:

  • Title & Picture
  • ASIN (Amazon Stock Identifier Number)
  • Category
  • Sales Rank
  • Sales (How many sales has this item had in the last 3 months)
  • Offers (How many current offers does this product have)
  • Used Buy Box
  • New Buy Box
  • FBA Fees (estimated)
  • Merchant Fees (estimated)
  • SBYB (Is there a offer on the product)
  • Estimated Profit

Also, while adding products in a .csv format, download the template by clicking on the 'Download Template' option on the page, and while adding a condition for the items, kindly use one of the following conditions:

  • New
  • NewItem
  • UsedGood
  • UsedVeryGood
  • UsedAcceptable
  • UsedLikeNew
  • CollectibleGood
  • CollectibleLikeNew
  • CollectibleAcceptable
  • CollectibleVeryGood
  • Refurbished

And the amount for any particular product in the .csv file just needs to be a number, not have a $ sign in the value.

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