Switching from JoeLister

If you are looking to switch from JoeLister over to us then there are a few steps you need to take first in order to ensure a smooth transition.

It was brought to our attention by our sellers that JoeLister will delist all of your product listings if you try to cancel them.  We are not sure why this is being done.  As a 3rd party listing application, there is no eBay policy that directs a TPA (third party application) to delist product listings if a seller cancels with them.

Here is how you can avoid them canceling your product listings in this case.  Navigate to your eBay account and then Account Settings.

Next you will navigate to Site Preferences.

From there you will navigate down to General Preferences > Third Party Authorizations and click the Apply button.

We also recommend changing your eBay website password as well, just for good measure.

Once this revocation process has been done, you can now submit a support ticket to Joelister and ask them to cancel your account.

What if I forgot and now need to relist all of my product listings?

In this case, just navigate to Ended Unsold Listings and select them all and click the Relist button.

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