Pricing example of FBA sale on eBay

In this article we explore an actual pricing and profit example from a sale of an FBA product sold on eBay.  The CD pictured below normally sells in the $2-$7 range on Amazon but recently sold for us on eBay for $12.57.

This is just one example and pricing trends will vary over time.  This example is not meant to predict profit trends but rather breakdown a recent sale we had in order to illustrate the fee structure in real terms.

To understand the breakdown of this sale let's first confirm it on Seller Central by navigating to Seller Central > Manage Orders

Next you would want to click on your Order Details transaction link: 23-06486-19034

And then click on the Payment Information link

From this view you will be able to see the exact fee that was applied to the sale of this item on eBay but fulfilled from Amazon

Clicking on the fee will then take you to a final screen which describes what fee was applied in this case

Toggling back over to your eBay account you can see from your month end statement how much in fees were taken out for sales.

So to sum up this sale:

A CD was sold on eBay for $12.57 and Amazon took $3.95 from the sale to pay for the fulfillment and shipping of the item and eBay took a commission from the sale of $1.51 for final profit of $7.11

*from this final profit amount you would need to deduct your buy cost and the shipping cost to the FBA warehouse to get the most accurate final profit number

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