eBay Common Listing Errors

While Cross-listing products on eBay, users might get some errors.

Here are a few common errors in that case:

eBay Error [37] : Input data is invalid

eBay Error [83]: Change listing duration through Advanced Settings to match eBay's rules

eBay Error [95] : Invalid auction currency.

eBay Error [120] : You need to create a seller's account. 

eBay Error [240]: The item cannot be listed or modified

eBay Error [588]: Your weekly selling activity limits have been exceeded, or the user has not registered as a seller. Please check eBay for selling requirements.

eBay Error [717] : Package weight is not valid or is missing.

eBay Error [10007] : Internal error to the application. (Internal error to the application.)

eBay Error [10068] or eBay Error [815]: Email address cannot be used for PayPal payments at this time.

eBay Error [21917177]: Please enter valid dimensions for your package.

eBay Error [21919067] : Listing violates the Duplicate Listing policy

eBay Error [21919136] : Required minimum number of photos: 1

eBay Error [21919177]: Local Pickup Error

eBay Error [21919188] : This listing would cause you to exceed the amount you can list

eBay Error [21916250] : Return policy is not specified. 

eBay Error [21919262}: Your PayPal address is not found.

eBay Error [21916281] : Approved electronic payment method is missing.

eBay Error [21919301] : Required field, UPC, is missing.

eBay Error [21919326] or eBay Error [21919302] : EAN has an invalid value.

eBay Error [21919303]: The item specific Size Type is missing.

eBay Error [21916519] : Listing is missing required item specific(s)

eBay Error [21916586] Duplicate variation specifics (Duplicate name-value combination in variation specifics.)

eBay Error [21916587] (Missing name in the variation specifics or variation specifics set.)

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