Types of Labels

Understanding FBA labeling options

There are four different types of Labeling options when sending in products to Amazon FBA. These four types are:

1. Merchant Label: The seller is required in this case to label the item with an FNSKU sticker before sending the item out to the Amazon warehouse. The label should be scannable so it doesn't cause delays in the receiving process for Amazon

2. No Label: No label is required.

3. Amazon Label: This label type will display if you signed up under the MWS Label Service to have Amazon label the items.

4. FC_Prep: The product requires extra handling time at FBA Fulfillment Center.

The label types are determined by Amazon via the ASIN/FNSKU.

Here is a refresher on the requirements for labels by Amazon:

Different label types will not be allowed to ship under the same Shipment ID.

Amazon might split a large quantity of a single product into multiple shipments that will be shipped to multiple FBA warehouses across the country. This is determined by how you set up your Seller Central account.

If you want to be able to ship to one warehouse only, you must first change your Inbound Settings from ‘Distributed Inventory Placement’ (which is the default setting) to ‘Inventory Placement Service’.

Be aware that there is a fee for this option.

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