How to Print on 30up Labels inside AccelerList

Learn how to print 30up labels quickly and easily within AccelerList.

One workflow that sellers really like is to scan all of your items into a batch and then print the labels afterward on 30up labels. Below is an example of what 30up labels look like and it's label dimensions. 30up labels can be bought on Amazon in bulk sheet packages pretty inexpensively.

Product Needed:

This workflow is great because you don't have to wait for the label to print out after each product scan and you avoid any thermal printer problems as well.

Labels off a little?

Sometimes the alignment is off on the labels due to various reasons.  This is OK so long as the barcode is intact and readable/scanable, FYI



How do I print the labels?

After you are done scanning in all of your products, simply press the PDF icon and we'll generate a perfectly formatted 30up label sheet for you. Just insert your blank 30up label sheets into your home or office printer and you'll be labeling in no time



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use any laser jet printer with my 30 up labels?

A: Yes.  Any laser or jet printer that accepts 8x11 paper (the paper size of the 30up labels) can be used to print the labels in this case.

Q: Will the labels print in the same order that I listed them?

A: Yes. Not only will the labels print in the same order as to how you list your products, but we've also added the product integer # on the label for you so you don't forget which order you are peeling the labels off in.



Printer Settings suggestions

It is recommended that you select "fit to page" in your printer settings to ensure proper alignment

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