How to reauthorize your Amazon account to AccelerList

Learn how to quickly and easily reauthorize your Amazon account to Accelerlist to ensure your account remains secure.

Reauthorizing your account is done once a year (per Amazon policy) and is easy to do inside of Seller Central.  You may need to re-authorize multiple times if you have ever canceled your subscription but also came back to us in the same year, etc.


Step 1:

Login to Seller Central and navigate in the left side bar menu to: Apps and Services > Manage Your Apps

Form here you can scroll down until you see AccelerList and then simply click the enable button

Step 2:

Login into Seller Central FIRST

Before you complete step two, it's better if you are already logged in to Seller Central on a different browser tab.  We're serious, please do it. 😃



Login into AccelerList and navigate to Settings > Account Settings

The click on the green re-authorize button

From here we will automatically launch the authorization window to Seller Central. Now all you have to do is authorize AccelerList and this process is complete.


Important Reminder

Please do not forget to sign out of your AccelerList account and sign back in so the changes can take effect.  Please wait 5-10 mins after you have re-authorized AccelerList to begin product listing again.



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