What is Box Content?

What is Amazon FBA Box Content?

Amazon box content is the requirement to add inventory manifests (or lists) of product skus and quantities to each box in an inbound shipment that has multiple boxes.  The box content requirement can be avoided if you send in one box per shipment to the Amazon FBA warehouse.

Why did Amazon make this requirement?

Sometime in 2016 Amazon introduced new box content rules for inbound shipments for any FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) seller.  This was a huge win for Amazon and a big change for sellers and 3rd party software makers.

Box content manifests allow Amazon to spend less money on labor sorting through sellers' boxes in shipments looking for individual product SKUs.

With the required box content manifests, Amazon can quickly identify which SKUs are in each box and route the seller's products to their holding areas in a warehouse.

This allows the sellers' products to become available for sale faster.

Here is a quick video to explain box content from Amazon:

Do I need to worry about box content?

Yes and no.

 1 box / 1 shipment method

If you only send in one box per shipment and keep that box to 50lbs then Amazon doesn’t need box content manifests because all of your inbound product SKUs are contained in one box.

Therefore it’s easy for Amazon to sort your SKUs once received to the warehouse.

 Multiple boxes / 1 shipment method

In order to save on shipping charges and process numerous items per sitting, you may want to send in multiple boxes in your shipment.  Because your items are spread out amongst all the boxes, Amazon needs to know what boxes contain what product SKUs.  This is where box content requirements come into play.

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