Enabling 2D barcodes in Seller Central

Before you can leverage 2D barcodes via AccelerList for box content requirements you must enable those settings in your Seller Central. Please reference the GIF below to see how it is done after visiting the page here.

Sellers, you can enable the 2D barcode setting by going to your Fulfillment by Amazon settings in Seller Central, and editing your Inbound Settings. After that, each time you create a shipment using 2D barcodes, make sure you select the 2D barcode option. The barcodes provide the product quantities and expiration dates (if applicable) for every box in your shipment.

When using 2D barcodes, make sure your barcodes meet the standard requirements. You will find those requirements outlined in the help page Using 2D barcodes for box content information. You will find samples there as well as detailed requirements. It is very important that the barcodes meet the requirements, so we can efficiently receive your incoming shipments.

There are several benefits to using 2D barcodes:

  • They satisfy the box content information requirement, so you don’t need to manually enter box content information into Seller Central.
  • They are useful for sellers who drop ship inventory direct from suppliers because the supplier doesn’t need to access details of the shipment in order to provide the box information. 
  • They scale to larger shipments more easily for high-volume sellers.

2D barcodes are a quick and easy way for us to determine the contents of a specific box, and it makes receipt of shipments into fulfillment centers more efficient. I look forward to a discussion and any questions posted by those who visit this thread.

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