Send to Amazon: Box Content Workflow (Excel File)

Video walkthrough for using the Box Content Excel file with a Ship to Amazon shipment

There are a few different ways to get box content done with the new Ship to Amazon (STA) workflow imposed by Amazon in 2023.  

This video will cover the following workflow process for sellers:

  1. Scan and list products into a working batch as usual
  2. Preview and create your shipment
  3. Work on the shipment by converting it to an Ship to Amazon (STA)
  4. Process and execute your Box Content requirements in AccelerList
  5. Download and retrieve the shipment Excel file for Box Content in Seller Central
  6. Upload the Excel file in AccelerList for formatting
  7. Upload the Excel file in Seller Central
  8. Finish shipment completely

Here is a video covering this process to help our sellers with this particular workflow:

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