Sell-through rate

Amazon offers multiple statistics as Inventory Performance Index (IPI) that primarily give you an overview of your activity as a Seller on Amazon.

One of these IPIs is the Sell-through rate visible on the Seller Central dashboard. This statistic is updated daily on Seller Central dashboard.

The formula for calculating it is as follows:

Sell-through rate= Total units shipped in past 90 days/ Avg. units in inventory during the same period.

(Inventory levels snapshots are taken today, 30 days ago, 60 days ago, and 90 days ago. A mean average of all 4 is used in the above formula for calculating sell-through rate)

Ex: If 40 units shipped, and you had 80 units available, the sell-through rate would be 40/80= 0.5 i.e. 50%.

As this is an important metric for you to analyze your activity as a Seller, we've added this information on the Accelerlist Dashboard:

As it is based on your recent activity, you'd see the Sell Through Rate vary accordingly:

Here's a video sharing more information about it:

(Note: Sell-through rate accounts units sold and shipped, not just sold. Whereas Sales Metric in Seller Central simply counts orders, not units shipped. )

Learn more about the other statistics shared on the Accelerlist Dashboard here.

If you're looking to improve your Sell-through rate, you'd basically need to reprice your products competitively so that buyers are more probable to choose your listing. Our own repricer: Profit Reprice™ can certainly help in automating the repricing process, and optimizing your profits. :)

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