Prepare an LTL Shipment

Listing a pallet using AccelerList is the same as listing a non-pallet shipment!

You would create your batch and scan everything you want to send to Amazon. Amazon will determine which fulfillment centers your items will go to. For LTL, your items still need to be put into boxes and then you combine those individual boxes onto pallets for delivery. Because of this, Amazon also still requires you to provide box content information. You can choose to use AccelerList’s free box content tool, which sends the information to Amazon through their APIsystem, or you can use Amazon’s built-in box content feature.

Once you have completed your batch inside of AccelerList, you would then hop over to Seller Central and choose LTL for your shipping method and complete your shipment process. Pay close attention as LTL does have rules for their LTL shipping. These are available to see when you are going to the process inside of Seller Central of finishing up your shipment to view:

  • Place labels so they don’t cover box seams
  • Stack boxes on standard GMA pallets
  • Pallets must not be built more than 72” high, including the pallet
  • Total weight of the pallet must not exceed 1,500 lbs
  • Securely stretch-wrap each pallet
  • Stackable pallets may be stacked by the shipment carrier

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