Stranded Inventory

Amazon will send any inbound product or listings straight into what they call stranded inventory if there is anything wrong with the following:

  • Product
  • Listings
  • Your Account

When we get support tickets on stranded inventory, 98% of the time the problems lie with the seller or seller account.

However, we want to know why this has happened so that we can update this article and help others get to the bottom of the problem as Amazon support is not always forthcoming with that information in a timely manner.

Whether you feel the issue is with AccelerList or Amazon, always send a support ticket to Amazon so that we may get an official response from them. They have thousands and thousands of customer service reps ready to reply with a more detailed answer that will help all of us resolve the issue faster. 

All that being said, let's go over some possible reasons as to why your inventory may have been stranded.

New Seller Storage Limits

At the start of 2018 Amazon started imposing limits on storage to new sellers in an effort to control quality and make room for more experienced sellers.

In 2018, we are adjusting our FBA storage limits policies to encourage improved inventory management, which will help your products be received and delivered to customers more quickly.

Here is the official article on the subject below but Amazon will throw all of your products that are over your storage limit right into stranded inventory until you come down in your inventory levels.

Read Article

Seller Restrictions

Another big culprit of stranded inventory is restrictions placed on sellers for certain brands or product categories.

For example, you might send in a box full of toys but they go straight into stranded status. After submitting a support ticket you are informed that you may not sell that particular brand of toys.

This can be frustrating, we understand.

Your best bet is to ensure you are always approved in the product category before you send in any items, even if you are doing retail arbitrage and your products vary across many categories.

As your seller metrics improve and the age of your account becomes older you may be eligible to sell in other categories.

In addition to just general product category restrictions, sellers may be restricted to just USED conditions and not able to sell a particular product in NEW condition.

Pricing Errors

We try to ensure within our application that we have set up enough guardrails for setting pricing rules that you never have an issue with price errors as your products go into stranded status.

However, sometimes something happens within the application that we didn't catch, and/or there is a setting on your repricer or Seller Central that creates the pricing error.

If this happens, you'll need to isolate the items affected and bring the pricing of those items back in line so that Amazon will mark the inventory as active and salable again.

Merchant Fulfilled Shipping Templates

As an MF seller you MUST add the exact name of your shipping template you will be using into each batch being processed with AccelerList or it could cause your entire batch to be pushed into stranded inventory.

We are constantly updating this article as we learn of new reasons why Amazon places inventory into stranded status and thus this article is not ever 100% complete. By submitting your support ticket to Amazon and relaying to us the reasons for which your items have gone stranded really helps us and your fellow seller. 😃

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