Missing Dimensions

Why does Amazon need the dimensions of a product?

Amazon needs dimensions for all products in its catalog to ensure it’s compliant with safety and hazmat regulations, ensure size for proper FBA warehouse routing and customer satisfaction.

If your item is getting kicked back because it is missing dimensions then that means Amazon doesn’t have them on file for that ASIN (or product). This is most likely due to that ASIN only ever being sold on the Amazon marketplace as Merchant Fulfilled or when the original listing was created the seller never entered the dimensions.

Remember, most of the stuff sold on Amazon is coming from 3rd parties and whoever creates the listing first is responsible for entering all the data about the product.

Amazon is just the marketplace where these items are sold. 

Entering Missing Dimensions in AccelerList

1. After you scan and accept a product, AccelerList will alert you if there are dimensions needed for this product by revealing a small orange button.

2. Press the orange button and enter your product dimensions AND the package dimensions. Both are needed and if you are unsure what the product dimensions might be for your product then you can simply add 1 inch to every dimension you added for the product.

3. After entering your product and package dimensions you will want to continue listing your other products in the batch. It may take Amazon anywhere from 15-60 mins to receive, process, and save the dimension data. You can check the status of the submission periodically as you list more products.

4. After some time has passed you will be able to click the Check Status button and it should reveal the Send to Amazon button. Click that and your product should not error out when creating your shipment plan and submitting the batch to Amazon

Is there a workaround if it takes too long to receive?

Yes, there is.

You will be essentially adding the product to your inventory in Seller Central the old fashion way and saving the correct dimensions as you do this. Once this has been done, the dimensions will be saved for that product in the Amazon catalog and you can now list it in AccelerList.

Option 1

1. Add the MSKU to a shipment plan in Seller Central. This is done by either adding the product to your inventory or locating it and using the send/replenish action

2. Amazon will prompt for dimensions. Enter the dimensions.

3. Return to AccelerList and list the item as normal.

4. After the shipments have been created, it is safe to delete the shipping plan entry. You should not delete the shipment plan or shipment plan entry until the shipments are created in Seller Central.

Option 2

Add the item to your Amazon inventory and save it.

Once the item is saved, in Seller Central, click on Inventory and select Manage Inventory from the dropdown box

Next, click the Edit button next to the item

Finally, scroll all the way down and click Save and Finish.

Return to AccelerList and attempt to list the item again.

If the item still will not add to a batch, you can check the FBA Calculator to see if it prompts for dimensions. If it does, this confirms it is definitely not on AccelerList’s end and you will need to contact Amazon Seller Support to find out what the issue is (the item could be restricted).

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