Printing Workflows for Rollo Printers

There are many different workflows that sellers use to print product labels and shipping labels when selling on Amazon. Below is a list of all the ways you can print with your Rollo thermal printer while using AccelerList.

Printing FNSKU product labels as you scan and list items into a batch

This is typically how most sellers would like to print labels and apply them. In order to use this workflow, you will need to download our AccelerPrint applet onto your computer to ensure the Rollo printer prints for you on each product scan. 

Once AccelerPrint is connected and AccelerList can see your Rollo printer from the settings area than you should be all set to scan and print FNSKU labels while you list.

Printing FNSKU labels all at once, (in a single row) after you are done scanning

If you don't want to print labels as you scan each product and you would like to print and apply labels after you complete the batch in AccelerList you can leverage the Rollo Chrome extension or their free service over at

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