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Send to Amazon - Keep as API Shipment

Amazon has updated the prompt in Seller Central for third-party application users, such as AccelerList, who create shipments and send box contents through the API.

Previously, sellers would receive a prompt with the option to either “Return to Old Workflow” or “Try Send to Amazon.”

Now, the options have been updated to “Keep as API Shipment” or “Convert to Send to Amazon.”

Initially, Amazon announced that the Old Workflow would no longer be available as of March 1, 2023, but the old workflow continued to be available.

However, Amazon has now begun to phase out the old workflow, so the option to return to the old workflow has been replaced with “Keep as API Shipment.”

Clicking the “Keep as API Shipment” option will return you to the Shipping Queue in Seller Central. 

You would use this option if you need to make any changes to your shipment or update box contents through InventoryLab that would be otherwise unavailable once the shipment had been converted to Send to Amazon.

There have been no changes to the listing, shipment creation, or box contents process in AccelerList. This update is merely a change within Seller Central as they phase out the old workflow.

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