Dissecting the Product Detail Page

Gain a better understanding of product scan pages and what they mean for sellers.

The Product Detail Page is the page that is presented to the seller immediately after scanning a book or product.  In this article we'll break this page down and explain each section in detail so sellers can learn to interpret the data being returned for their product scan and how it helps them make smarter decisions.

Let's first cover the BUY, SKIP and No Decision (calculating) top portions of the product detail page

No Decision (calculating pScore + profit)
Green / Buy
Red / Skip

Product Section

This top portion of the product page confirms the product the seller scanned and shows some high level information such as ASIN, Rank and Category.

Profit Hunt™ marks the top banner in green or red depending on what the pScore is at the time of the scan. (the pScore can and will change over time based on demand from the Amazon marketplace).

In addition, Profit Hunt™ also will show the # of Used and New seller offers along with the FBA offers within those respective classifications.

Offers Section

The next section shows the seller all of the offers we can see via Amazon's API, sort ranked by price.  In this same view we also will show you if Amazon is on the product listing and what they are priced at.  

We also offer a price check from SBYB (Sell Back Your Book) in this section which very helpful for sellers to still make profit on books they deem not worthy to send in or they are restricted in.

Research and Profit Section

In the last section of the product details page we pack in a lot of tools and profit indicators for our sellers. We provide some 3rd party links within this section to help with research and various data points so informative decisions can be made.

Metrics Breakdown

Profit (FBA)(MF)

Profit is determined by a lot of moving parts but we break that down for the seller on a different screen and a lot data points and seller preferences can be adjusted to ensure the seller is getting the best decision for their business or side hustle.  The seller can toggle on FBA or MF by default depending on their business model in this case.

Trade In

Sometimes it's easier to accept Amazon's trade in price for profit today versus waiting for an item to sell later on the platform.  In this field we show the seller what they can get if they trade the book in to Amazon.


This is the current sales rank for the product at the time of the scan

Used BB

The price of the current listing that has the Amazon Buy Box in the Used condition category.

New BB

The price of the current listing that has the Amazon Buy Box in the New condition category. 

Amazon Price

If Amazon is on the product listing as a seller and competing against you then this is the second place we will show you this and also give you Amazon's price on that listing.  You can tweak your profit model formula to account for a % of price you would like to account for against only Amazon listings.

Buy cost

Here you can set and edit your buy cost on the fly.


Our pScore will determine if you should purchase this item to resell on Amazon.  Just because a product is profitable doesn't mean that it will sell quickly and profits can be eroded over time on a listing so it's important to weigh in both the potential profit and the pScore so that you are always moving inventory quickly and also making a profit.


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