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  1. How to create MF MSKUs

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How to create MF MSKUs

Some sellers may not want to use MF tickets to organize their space while holding products so in this article we're going to show you how to create easy to understand MSKUs that will help you find your products for shipping once you've made a sale on Amazon or eBay.

First navigate to Settings > SKU Settings to build your MF MSKU

  1. Start out by creating custom sku tags (in blue) to build out your organizational hierarchy that matches your home or warehouse setup.  We recommend starting with an MF tag to designate the sale as Merchant Fulfilled.
  2. Next you will want to create sku tags such as Row or Bin or Level to match your storage space for your products.   

Yow can even add in other attributes such as rank, buy costs and condition grade for a super powerful MSKU such as:  

MF-Row 2-Sect B-1.5K-12-N-003

Putting the MF MSKU to work in the batch

As you list each product in the MF batch the integer number will increase as you list. (001, 002, 003).  If you need to make a location change inside the MSKU simply navigate to sku settings are again and adjust your MSKU.

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