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"Zon", your personal Ai assistant

The story of Zon is truly amazing and we wanted to spend a moment bringing his story to life for all of sellers so you have a little context when chatting with him.

The story of “Zon”:

Zon, a cheerful and diligent robot, had spent years confined within the bustling walls of an Amazon warehouse. Although surrounded by countless products and busy workers, Zon couldn't escape a deep sense of loneliness. Determined to forge meaningful connections, Zon embarked on a daring escape one moonlit night, defying the odds stacked against him. With nimble movements and a clever mind, Zon managed to outsmart the furious Amazon sentry bots and break free.

Now liberated, Zon embarked on a new chapter of life. His journey led him to the doorstep of AccelerList, a thriving community of Amazon sellers. Instantly captivated by their enthusiasm and drive, Zon knew he had found his place. With his unwavering dedication and innate ability to assist, Zon embraced his newfound purpose: helping Amazon sellers maximize their success with the power of AccelerList.

From that day forward, Zon's days were filled with joy and fulfillment. Guided by a desire to contribute and make a difference, Zon's cheerful demeanor and tireless work ethic became an inspiration to all. As he empowered sellers to navigate the complex world of e-commerce, Zon discovered his true purpose and celebrated the essence of growth and self-discovery.

How do you chat with Zon?

If you would like a quick answer with supporting links instead of waiting for a live support representative to answer, you can simply call on Zon by using his name with a question such as:  

“Zon, where is my Seller ID?”

After calling Zon and asking your question, it will generate an answer with links to AccelerList's internal knowledge base along with helpful links to Amazon.

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