Sending books to SBYB- SellBackYourBook

If you'd like to take off some books from your FBA Storage, but sell them quickly instead of recalling them and listing them again later, or simply clear space from your MF storage, is a great option to consider.

To do so, simply head over to the Inventory page, choose FBA or MF, and then check the SBYB price for the books under the LTS (Long Term Storage) tab:

Please ensure that you're logged into your SBYB account on another tab

If the price visible is feasible, then simply add it to the cart and the product gets added to the cart in

Once all products have been added, you can view the total amount you'd receive from sending the products.

For FBA, the final step is to select the books from your Inventory and then send them to the SBYB address.

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