Using Merchant Fulfilled Templates

When you list items as Merchant Fulfilled you’ll need to enter the name of your shipping template into the batch window so that when we send your batch over to Seller Central, Amazon knows what shipping options you would like to offer on the product for the customers who will buy the product.

Default Migrated Template

We have already added the default Migrated Template as the first option in the shipping template dropdown when creating an MF batch so that you don't have to manually type the name if you are using Amazon's default template.

Once you are done listing your MF items and submit the feed you should see your products in your Seller Central account under Manage Inventory.

Using other shipping templates

If you have entered your shipping template name successfully and it matches what you have on record in your shipping templates in Seller Central then the batch feed should proceed as normal to Seller Central without any errors.

          Please be sure to enter the exact name of your shipping template. Keep your template names simple and not too difficult to type in.

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