Merchant Fulfilled Ticketing

What Continuous Rolls Should I Buy?

If you would like to print tickets for your merchant fulfilled operation you can easily do with our continuous roll ticket design.

Our labels are designed to work on rolls that are at least 2.25 inches in width and we recommend this product. Although it is made by Dymo, it will work on your Zebra and Rollo too.

What Does the MF Ticket Look Like?

There are 4 components to our MF Ticket

1. The Storage Locator Config Number

2. The Seller MSKU (typed)

3. The Seller MSKU (barcode)

4. Product Description

How Do I Set Up My MF Tickets?

Before you start listing on a Merchant Fulfilled batch you will want to set up your MF tickets to suit your business. Navigate to Settings > Printer Settings.

The first step in doing so is creating and choosing your ticket schema in the settings area.

Typically you will have a horizontal and vertical naming structure for your storage area and thus we provide two options to customize this. We have pre-named these options Aisle/Row and Level.

In order to help you visualize how you would apply this MF Ticketing schema to your storage space, we can use this bookshelf space below and match it with an MF Ticket schema of: A1-0001

You would place the book on Row A, level 1 (represented by the green line).

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