Amazon Error Codes Explained

Throughout your product listing process you may occasionally come across errors directly related to your actions, your Amazon account or the product you are selling.  These errors come from Amazon and this article contains a list of errors and our best explanation for them.


This means you are restricted to sell this brand or item by Amazon.  You will not b able to list this product with AccelerList or even directly on Seller Central.  You will need to be ungated in order to successfully list it.


You will get this error when you are trying to list a product that has outdated weight/height/width dimensions on the original Amazon product listing.  In the past, Amazon did not require these dimensions but now they do and thus until the original listing is updated you will get this error.  These products will need be manually added to your Amazon inventory via Seller Central.


This means your custom MSKU is too long.  You will need to navigate to Settings > SKU Settings and remove some of your custom sku blocks so that the MSKU we generate for you remains under 40 characters/bytes.


This error means that Amazon literally has too many of this product in their warehouses and they won't even let you send in more.  You can however sell it on eBay through our integration.


This means the product you are attempting to send into the warehouse is considered a HAZMAT item and you do not have the clearance yet to send it in.


This error gets the reward for the most confusing name.  When you get this error it means there is something wrong with your Amazon Seller Central account.  Please submit a help desk ticket to them immediately to find out why and fix the defect.


This means you do not have a professional seller account on Amazon

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